How do I Write an Obituary?


Hey, this is Eric with the obituary APP and today’s topic, how to write an obituary. Now, don’t get worried. Writing an obituary is not a hard process. You just need to pay attention. There are basically three reasons you need to keep in mind when creating an obituary. One, there’s got to be an awareness. In other words, make sure you get all the fax number to the service information. Make sure everyone knows what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen, and finally, all the biographical information you’re going to need that. So let’s jump into it. When we talk about awareness, the very first thing you need to do is make sure that if you’re the one writing the obituary, you have the family blessing to do so. Typically the family will choose someone or designate someone to write the obituary. So before you just take it upon yourself to do it, ask them, uh, see if there’s already someone doing it.

Chances are they’ll let you do it, but just make sure you have group consensus because you don’t need any kind of stress during this time. Next, make sure you put the full name and I mean the full name of the decedent on the obituary. You don’t want people confusing it with someone else – confusing the obituary for someone else. Pick a picture. Now, there’s not a lot of rules when choosing a picture. Some people like to do a funny picture. Some people like to do a happy picture. I do recommend you do a picture where they’re smiling, but in the end you probably want to run that by the family as well, uh, the other members of your family to make sure that it’s acceptable. Make sure you get their birthday and put that on there. That helps people know that they’re looking at the right person, that they’re seeing the obituary for the right person.

Make sure you mentioned their spouses and children, if they had any, and just once again, so that you can give them respect and, so people can see who they’re leaving a legacy with. Service information is another key part. You want to definitely make sure you list the funeral home that the service is going to be, yet, this is one of the parts you must not leave out because think about it. People may want to send flowers, they might want to send their their wishes, and when you give the funeral home, you give them an address to do so. Make sure they know the service date when the service is going to be. Now, keep in mind there may be a service in the funeral home. There may be a service in a church and there also may be a cemetery service or a scattering service, so make sure that you mentioned every part a so that people can understand how they can show their love for this person.

Also, you might want to list any family wishes. A lot of times when someone passes away, instead of flowers, the family may want donations made to a favorite nonprofit or they may want, they may want their wishes done in a certain way, so find that out. Think about that and make sure that’s listed in the obituary as well. So people once again can know how to send their love. In the biography, this is where you get all the facts. This is where you tell the story. Now, this is probably the part that people find the most hard and that’s why you need to work on it a little bit because keep in mind this is going to be a lasting testament for years. List the schools they went to a that way when people are doing searches on schools, they can more easily find someone in their school who may have passed away, lists their work, their hobbies, what did they love doing?

How did they make a living? What did they love doing, what was their passion, and then of course lists some of the lives that they enriched. People always want to know that they affected someone else. So if you know that the person who passed affected someone else in a very positive way, you might want to get their permission to list their story and how they were touched by the person who passed. I remember when it comes down to it, it’s all about the legacy. This is going to be out there for years. It’ll be the last thing written about this person, and so you want to make sure that no matter who reads it, it shows the legacy. Remember, this is a big one. Check your spelling. One of the biggest mistakes people make in an obituary is they write it and then they never checked the spelling.

Now, when checking spelling, you always want to run it by someone else. Don’t just trust yourself and don’t just trust an automatic spell. Check in your word processor. Always run it by someone else and I’ll give you a little hint. Sometimes it helps to read the obituary backwards. Believe it or not. You can find a lot of spelling mistakes that way. How long should it be? Well, it depends on where the obituary is going to be. If you’re going to put it in a newspaper, keep in mind you’re paying for every word, so you may want to make it a little concise. However, if you’re posting it online or putting it in the obituary app or other online places where length really doesn’t have a consequence, then you need to be as comprehensive as possible. Now, I’m a big fan of that. Obviously, one of the best questions I can ask you that will help you write an obituary for someone else is basically what would you want someone to say about you? Think about that. How do you want your obituary written? What are the important things to you that you would want other people to know or that you would want to be remembered by? Well, I’m Eric with the obituary app, and remember, download the obituary up the number one obituary source every obituary in the palm of your hand.