Yolanda Thompson

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October 6, 2023


Bowie, TX

Yolanda Wakita Thompson (Fiza) was born in St. Louis, MO. to her mother Darnel Thompson. Fiza was Darnel's first child and later 2 brothers and a sister were born. Her father Kenneth Peoples (Khalid) later married Safiya Thompson in 1978 and brought Fiza to the marriage in Saudi Arabia before Fiza's four sisters, Iman, Fatima Mareah, Muna and Nafeesa were born. Fiza affectionately took on the role of big sister again. Fiza was a very intelligent person. She studied English until 6th grade in St. Louis and she studied Arabic for another 6 years in Medina, S. A. Her handwriting in English was beautiful and her handwriting in Arabic was sheer Art to see. Fiza loved music and reading. She also had a singing voice that could have taken her to fame. Fiza was an accomplished hip hop dancer and she, along with her dearest friend Haleema (Glynda Williams), performed a hip hop dance to the audience of a Saudi Princess from King Fahd's royal family. Fiza lost her health at an early age and lived on to manage her diminished capacity. She is known to many for her infectious smile, which she gave often and freely. Her impact was important and broad. She spent her last years at The Gardens in Camp Hill where she was respected and loved by her nurse, Haven and many others. The Muslim community of Harrisburg gave her an honorable burial on Saturday September 30, 2023. She leaves to cherish memories of her, her father, stepmother, her sisters and brothers; her 8 nieces and nephews Isa, Malik, Noah, Zipporah, Sarah, Isaac, Sofiah and Elijah.

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