Theresa Toombs

Theresa Toombs Obituary


Age - 95


September 9, 2023


Tampa, FL

Theresa Solomon Toombs was born to Joseph and Ivery Solomon on January 8, 1928. At the tender age of 15, she embarked on a life-changing journey when she moved to Tampa, Florida. Theresa was blessed with two children and found immense joy in her role as a mother, and later as a grandmother to five cherished grandchildren. A self-taught seamstress turned design maestro. Theresa's life was a testament to her unwavering determination and pursuit of knowledge, with only an 8th-grade education, she blazed her own trail, becoming a self-taught seamstress. Her passion for fabrics, colors, and design was exquisite, and her innate talent soon shone brightly throughout all of Tampa Bay. From seamstress to design school graduate: After her children finished their college education. Theresa's commitment to her craft led her to complete her design school education, a remarkable achievement that showcased her relentless dedication to self-improvement. Her expertise and boundless creativity, she blossomed into Tampa's premier window treatment expert. creating magazine-worthy interior designs Theresa's talents extended far beyond window treatments. Her gifted hands and discerning eye for detail transformed spaces into works of art. She collaborated with countless patrons around Tampa Bay, including notable local celebrities, to craft magazine-worthy window treatments and interior designs that left an indelible mark on the community. Theresa Solomon Toombs was more than a seamstress and designer, she was an inspiration to all who knew her. Her life story reminds us that with determination, passion, and a thirst for knowledge, we can achieve greatness, no matter where we start in life. Theresa's legacy will forever live on in the beautiful designs she created the lives she touched, and the lessons she imparted. Theresa was preceded in death by her husband, James Lee Toombs; daughter, Jo Ellen Smith Hodges, and grandson, Joseph William Smith. Her memory will be cherished by her son, Stanley Reginald Smith (Angelina); grandchildren, Melonie Graves (Phillip), Jerilyn Smith Cole (Allan), Spencer Hodges, and Victor Hodges (Maria); great-grandchildren, Taylor Graves, Preston Graves, Delaney Graves, Sloane Hodges, Quinn Hodges, Aleshia Cole, Tristan Hodges, and Joelle Hodges; extended family, friends, and loved ones. Please join us in remembering and celebrating the remarkable life of Theresa Solomon Toombs. She will be dearly missed, but forever cherished in our hearts.

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Sharon Pasach

Sharon Pasach

Age - 68

December 7, 2023

Sharon Michelle Pasach born in Miami, on March 24 1955 died on December 2 2023 in Tampa at the age of 68 she is survived by her Siblings Lloyd Pasach and his spouse Val Mendoza, her sister Margaret Costa and her spouse Mario Costa her stepsister Gladys Baxley and Gladys’s son Aiden Baxley, her Nieces Emily and Alyssa Costa and dedicated friend Brenna. and throughout her life, she touched the hearts of those around her with her kindness, passion, and love. Sharon's journey through life was marked by her deep connection to animals. From her childhood days playing with her dog Happy-Jack in Deana's backyard to the moments she shared cat pictures and memes with her nieces and dear friend Brenna, Sharon's love for animals was a constant thread in the tapestry of her life. She not only enjoyed the companionship of animals but also dedicated herself to their well-being, contributing to animal rescue and supporting causes that championed the humane treatment of creatures big and small. In her professional life, Sharon obtained a certification in data processing from Hillsborough Community College and worked for companies involved in credit card services and telemarketing. Her commitment to excellence and hard work was evident throughout her career, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations she served. Beyond her work, Sharon had a multitude of interests and hobbies that enriched her life and the lives of those around her. An avid fan of The Great British Baking Show, Man from UNCLE, Get Smart, and Dr. Who, she immersed herself in the worlds of fantasy, literature, and television. Her love for Star Wars and fantasy novels, particularly the works of Terry Brooks, showcased her vibrant imagination and passion for storytelling. Sharon's social circle expanded through shared hobbies and interests. She was a proud member of a Dungeons and Dragons group where she formed a lasting friendship with Brenna. Their shared love for fantasy and storytelling led them to join a writing group at the library, where Sharon recently embarked on the journey of writing her own fantasy novel and rediscovered her love for poetry. Her poems were a small but clear and persistent voice, expressing her concerns about political trends, book bans, and the anti-LGBTQ agenda, reflecting her deep commitment to justice and equality. The arts played a significant role in Sharon's life, and she reveled in the magic of musical theatre, frequently attending traveling Broadway shows. Her eclectic tastes and vast vocabulary showcased her intellectual curiosity and passion for learning. In addition to her diverse interests, Sharon was known for her sugar cookies and of her famous chili. Her scrambled eggs were legendary, and never runny. As we bid farewell to Sharon, let us remember her for the love she shared, the passions she pursued, and the impact she made on the lives of those fortunate enough to know her. May her spirit live on in the stories, memories, and shared moments that will forever remain in our hearts. Rest in peace, dear Sharon Pasach. A graveside service for Sharon will take place Friday, December 8th, 1PM at Myrtle Hill Memorial Park Cemetery in Tampa. You can live-stream the service here. Password: SEGAL2023 (all caps)Show more

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