Marco Tolento

Marco Tolento Obituary


Age - 58


September 10, 2023


Whittier, CA

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Marco Tolento, a cherished father, grandfather, son, brother, devoted friend, and a pillar of strength to those fortunate enough to know him. God called him to Heaven on September 2nd, 2023 leaving behind a legacy of love, wisdom, compassion, and humor that will forever endure in our hearts. He was just 58 years old. Marco was a remarkable man whose life was defined by his unwavering commitment to family, kindness, and an unshakeable spirit. From a young age, it was evident that Marco possessed an exceptional character that would leave a lasting impact on all who crossed his path. In 1985, he embarked on a journey of love and partnership with Lucy, and their union was blessed with two children, Marco and Jessica. Even after they parted ways, they remained in each other’s lives. Learning to love each other in a different way, a friendship. As a father, Marco was a source of guidance and support, always putting his family's needs above his own. He would say, "Everything I have, everything I am, everything I do, is for you guys. " His love was boundless. Marco's professional life was marked by his dedication and integrity. He excelled in his career in Logistics for over 30 years, earning the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients alike. Whether it was down in the trenches or at an executive level, he was always able to find his groove. His commitment to excellence was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of working alongside him. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Marco was a man of diverse interests and passions. He had a deep love for fishing, and his enthusiasm was infectious. Whether he was talking about a new fishing reel, helping his grandson Dominic catch his very first fish on his Spiderman fishing pole, or sharing fishing videos on YouTube and discussing fishing techniques with his daughter. Marco approached every endeavor with a zest for life that was truly remarkable. He loved to cook, too! He would always share incredible recipes and tasty concoctions he would cook up with his son over the phone on his commute from work, leaving him in awe and hungry as he laughed with his father on the calls. In whatever capacity he could share a bit of himself and be there for his children, he was present. There was nothing he couldn’t do, and he was willing to bring his children along the way in any and all adventures they would want to take with him. Marco had a heart full of generosity and a willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. His charitable nature extended beyond his immediate circle, as he frequently contributed to causes close to his heart, such as his community or his church. Marco leaves behind a family who will forever cherish his memory, including his loving mother Teresa, father Jose Luis, his children Marco and Jessica, and six beloved grandchildren. He is also survived by brothers Victor, Robert and Julio, who will all remember him with profound affection. As we bid farewell to Marco, we find solace in knowing that his legacy of love, kindness, and wisdom will continue to guide and inspire us in the years to come. His spirit will live on in the countless lives he touched, and his memory will forever be etched in our hearts. A celebration of Marco's life will be held on September 14th, 2023 at White Emerson Mortuary. The family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all those who have offered their support, love, and condolences during this difficult time. Your presence and kind words have been a source of comfort. Please join us in honoring the life of Marco, a man whose impact on this world can never be measured by words alone but will forever be felt in the hearts of those who loved him. Rest in peace, dear Marco, and may your journey in Heaven be as bright as the love you shared with us.

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Eduardo Torres

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Eduardo Torres passed away on November 13, 2023. He was born on September 23, 1971, and grew up in Whittier, California. Eduardo was a respected member of the community and leaves behind a legacy of hard work, dedication, and love for his family and friends. Eduardo's journey began at Whittier High School, where he received his early education. Setting his sights high, he furthered his studies at Rio Hondo College. Eduardo's educational background equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on a successful career in real estate. Eduardo had a successful career as a licensed Century 21 Real Estate Agent. With his expertise and professionalism, he helped countless individuals find their dream homes. His commitment to excellence earned him the trust and admiration of both clients and colleagues alike. Eduardo's dedication to his craft set him apart in the industry. Outside of work, Eduardo had a vibrant personality that endeared him to those around him. He had a deep passion for golfing and found solace on the greens. His love for sports extended beyond golf; Eduardo enjoyed watching various sporting events, cheering on his favorite teams with unmatched enthusiasm. One unique interest that set Eduardo apart was his fascination with bullfighting. He appreciated the skill and artistry that went into this traditional sport. Eduardo often sought opportunities to witness bullfights firsthand. Although career achievements and personal interests were important to Eduardo, nothing compared to the time he spent with loved ones. Family gatherings were cherished moments for him—a chance to bond, create lasting memories, and strengthen the ties that held them together. Whether it was engaging in lively conversations or sharing hearty laughter, Eduardo cherished every moment spent with family and friends. Eduardo leaves behind a loving daughter named Lauren Good who will forever carry his memory in her heart. He was also a proud grandfather to Norah Good, who brought him immense joy and happiness. Eduardo's passing is mourned by his father, Anastacio Torres, and siblings Anastacio, Heriberto, and Lucia. They will undoubtedly miss his presence dearly and find solace in the cherished moments they shared together. Eduardo Torres lived a life filled with purpose, passion, and love. His kindness, dedication, and genuine care for others touched the lives of many. Throughout his professional career as a licensed Century 21 Real Estate Agent, Eduardo helped individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership. Beyond his career, he enjoyed nurturing his personal interests, spending time with loved ones, and appreciating the joys life had to offer. In celebrating Eduardo's life, let us remember the impactful legacy he leaves behind. May his memory be a guiding light for all of us as we navigate our own journeys. Eduardo will be dearly missed but never forgotten. Please consider visiting the fundraiser link to make a donation. https://gofund. me/99b9b342Show more

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