Ana Vega

Ana Vega Obituary


Age - 70


October 9, 2023


Jersey City, NJ

Ana Ivette Vega, 70, was born in Quebradillas, PR on November 7th, 1952, and has been a Jersey City resident since the late 1960s She was known to her closest friends as "Anita", to her Sisters as "Ivette" and to her cherished Grandchildren as "Wella" and "Abuela Ana" She leaves behind her eldest son Carlos R Vega, his "little brother" Ruben M Vega, and her grandchildren Emiliano Vega, Emilie Vega, Ivelisse Vega-Rodriguez and Adriana Vega-Rodriguez Ana a faithful, Loving Mom and Dear Friend had great love and a generous heart for all in her community She was an amazing cook of traditional Puerto Rican dishes which she loved to cook in batches big enough to share with her family, friends, and neighbors regularly Ana, without any formal education, was a master at networking and an example of what a person with work ethic looks and feels like Ana built friendships so deep that they forged family bonds thicker than blood relations She was a single mom who watched over her children as a Fierce Lioness She worked amongst her pride members to make sure her children and the children of others in her pride were taken care of even when the respective parents couldn't be around due to work Ana's earliest work experience was as a seamstress making wedding dresses She also worked as a teacher's aide at St Peter's grammar school and held multiple order picker and clerical positions at distribution centers in Secaucus while moonlighting an evening office cleaning position The job that she should be known for and in my opinion, the one she held the highest regard for was that of a Full-Time Mother She guided, taught, and loved her two boys and four grandchildren from birth all the way to her last moments Ana enjoyed sketching, watching game shows, and watching home improvement shows on TV She enjoyed eating out with her family, and her trips to the various department stores It seemed like Ana was placed here on this Earth to spread joy and bring people together and that is how we would like her final service to be To to the family or in memory of Ana Ivette Vega, please

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