About Us

For decades, people would enjoy their morning coffee, grab their newspaper and turn to the obituaries to see if anyone they knew had passed.  However, today, newspaper readership is plummeting.  Many papers have even started erecting “pay walls” to make up the lost revenue, but this only magnifies the problem causing advertisers to flee in droves.

As the original source of obituaries, newspapers are failing grieving families by limiting access to this information to their subscribers.  Additionally, these same newspapers are charging exorbitant prices to even PLACE an obituary in their product.

Other technology companies started creating their own obituary archives, yet none were comprehensive, leading to numerous websites for consumers to search.  

We created the Obituary App to “Free the Obituary” and bring sanity back to the splintered obituary information landscape. Free applies in two ways: FREE to browse and FREE for families to post. 

With constant improvements, the app will grow, and hopefully, become part of your daily routine, much as skimming the obituaries in your local paper once was.